Glass Powders

Glass powder price

The most important factor influencing on the glass powder price, is the amount of customer orders. If you order 2 or more containers the price will include discount.

Another influential factor on the glass powder price, is the grain size of the ordered product.

The grades available from Lumineral include 1-2000 micron micronized glass powder. It is also possible to customize products based on customer needs.

Shipping terms and destination are other factors influencing the glass powder price.

Terms of transportation can be offered in EXW, FOB, CIF and DDP in the UAE. Glass powder packages are in the form of 25 kg packages, or 1250 kg jumbo packs.


Glass powder and applications

The glass powder is tiny glass beads in the micronized range that is created under certain conditions. Depending on the type of application, the packaging conditions and the way it is separated, and even the materials used to enhance the quality, we have different grades of this powder. Therefore, based on the required application, the price of powder will also change. In general, the glass powder is produced from clean glass waste free of debris and chemical dyes.



Features of glass powder

  • Very low absorption
  • Insulation
  • It has Proper filling properties


Applications of Glass powder

As you are aware, we have 1 to 2000 microns glass powder, and due to its suitable properties and resistance to acids and bases, it has many applications in various industries. This waste material is applied as a sandblast for equipment, decoration, oil industry, building facade, ceramic tile industry, and other purposes.  One of the interesting applications used in blasting is blasting and polishing the tips of hospital needles.

Important applications of this powder are as follows:

  1. An alternative to cement in the concrete industry (increasing the strength of concrete compared to without t powder samples) and also used as a filler in concrete
  2. Applied in huge ceramic tile industries (as glaze)
  3. In toilets and bathtubs
  4. In the production of all types of glass beads
  5. In the medical equipment industry
  6. As an electricity catalyst in the production of pharmaceutical syringes
  7. Production of adhesives and paints
  8. Filler in composites, in the lathe industry, water treatment, and many other industries
  9. Sandblasting and water softening


Glass powder can be used for Polishing stone surfaces

Under 200 microns glass powder can be applied for polishing stone surfaces. This material can be used to remove small scratches and it can make stone surfaces shining and bright.

Our company is absolutely able to produce quality glass powder based on customer needs. We, at luminerals, have three years of experience in this field. Our goal is to become a trustworthy brand in the world by delivering quality products and acquiring our customer’s satisfaction. We have different foreign customers and exported our products to countries like Denmark, China, etc. Our wide range of products will certainly meet your needs, so don’t hesitate to take a look at our products Glass Powders

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