Glass Flake

HS Code: 320740 – Glass frit and other glass in the form of powder, granules or flakes

Glass flake, first produced commercially around 60 years ago, has been used for a number of years to reduce gas and moisture vapor diffusion through coating films. However, advances in glass flake production have allowed thinner and more consistent flakes to be produced, and this has led to investigative work into the properties that can be attained using glass flake reinforcement.

Glass flake looks like microscopic pieces of broken window pane. The high aspect ratio of flakes, compared to fibers or granular fillers, imparts unique properties to materials to which they are added. Care has to be taken in choosing the addition level and size distribution to obtain the required result and for the optimization of a particular characteristic.

Glass flake is extensively used as an in-situ barrier in coating and polymers to improve reinforcement and thermal properties. Sub-micron thickness glassflake is used as aunique substrate for metal oxides to product pigments. Glassflakes are characterized according to the flake thickness, particle seze diameter and glass composition

Chemical Analysis (%)

SiO2 64-70
K2O 0-3
B2O3 2-5
ZnO 1-5
Na2O 8-13
MgO 1-4
CaO 3-7
Al2O3 3-6
Tio2 0-3


Physical Properties

Apparent Density 0.3 (gr/cm3)
Real Density 2.5 (gr/cm3)
Thickness 6 µm
Particle Size Distribution 140-160 µm

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