Anti acid tiles

Acid proof tiles

Acid-proof tiles are porcelain tiles that are produced using raw materials without iron oxides and baking at high temperatures

This process melts the raw materials and forms a dense body with water absorption below 0.5%

As a result, the formation of a dense porcelain body results in high flexural strength and hardness, low probability of reaction with chemicals, and long life in environments that are in contact with acidic or alkaline materials (or corrosive materials in general)

Acid-proof tiles dimensions

Acid-proof tiles can be produced in different sizes, but the common sizes in the global market for these tiles are 30 x 30, 40 x 40, and 60 x 60 cm. The thickness of these tiles can be in the range of 8 to 25 mm. these tiles have good abrasion resistance as well as aesthetics.

Advantages of industrial anti-acid tiles

  • Acid-resistant
  • high mechanical strength
  • high wear resistance
  • Very low water absorption and high resistance to frost

Application of industrial anti-acid tiles:

  • Suitable for environments exposed to acids (excluding HF).
  • Suitable for environments that are exposed to heavy dynamic loads. Like the floor of industrial warehouses on which freight trucks travel.
  • Suitable for environments that are exposed to heavy traffic (public places)
  • Suitable for use in environments that are exposed to annoying odors (industrial kitchens and public toilets) due to the very low water absorption in the body of industrial anti-acid tiles, the penetration of odorous substances into the body is very difficult and prevents unpleasant odors in the environment changes over time.
  • To ensure the safety of users according to the place of use, the anti-acid tiles are produced in simple (Plain) and ribbed (Anti-Slip) types. Industrial kitchens that are exposed to fats, etc.) have more applications.
  • Suitable for acid and chemicals pools
  • Suitable for food industry, dairy factories, oil industry, meat processing industry, canning, beverage factories, food packaging industry, and…
  • covering the floor and walls of industrial halls

Important points in choosing industrial anti-acid tiles

1- For the floor of environments with the possibility of slipping and the risk of people falling, be sure to use the anti-slip type.

2- In industrial spaces, with the possibility of polluting the environment more than usual, it is recommended to use red seeds anti-acid tiles that have more pus resistance than simple types.

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