Chemical Dep

LUMCHEM (Luminerals Chemical Dep.)

LUMCHEM is an industry leader in professionalism, commitment, dedication, and green technology. Our experience and technical knowledge have made us a prime source of supply to major companies in Oil-Field, Water Treatment and Agrochemicals in the Middle-East. We offer our clients the most recent cutting edge and innovative technology on the market. LUMCHEM is an oilfield and Agricultural chemical manufacture, supplier, and logistical expert. We pride ourselves on consistently performing in the high-performance chemical additives.

LUMCHEM’s clients include the largest oil, gas and pesticide producers, service providers and contractors. These clients are supported by a powerful network of strategic partners who ensure prompt supplies and services wherever and whenever required.

Lumchem Production sections

  • Drilling and Mud Additives
  • Work-Over and Completion
  • Hydro-Testing Chemicals
  • Refinery Chemicals
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Raw Materials and Concentrates
  • Agrochemical Emulsifiers
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