Luxury stones

Luxury stones

Our luxury lumms are marble stones, Granite stones, Travertine stones ,Quartz stones , Basalts stones and etc. we supply the best quality of stones with comparative price.
We supply slab stones and stones in different dimensions based on customer’s request. These two types are luxury stones in our department.

Different types of Luxury stones

In this article, we want to briefly look at some of the most widely used luxury stones.

Basalts stones

These natural luxury stones have many uses, and their application can give a different texture to the space. These stones are found in abundance in nature, and they are a friendly environment material; because they are free of toxic substances and are stable and can always be reused. This stone has its own features and can be used in different environments. Basalt stones are among the most beautiful natural stones that architects and designers favor and use in buildings and houses.

Applications of Basalts luxury stones

The black color brings elegance to the environment, making Basalts stones commonly used in well-lit rooms and large spaces such as huge kitchens. These luxury stones can also be used for building facades.

Another application of Basalts stones is in bathrooms and toilets. This stone is very durable and will not be damaged in humid environments. It also gives a stunning look to the bathroom space due to its beautiful streaks. Basalt stones can be used as slab stones for the kitchen sink, behind the cabinet, or the kitchen counter.

Marble stones

These stones are metamorphic limestone with colorful minerals, of which calcite is the main constituent mineral, which crystallizes and becomes larger during the metamorphic process. When limestone is exposed to a high amount of pressure and heat, it transforms into marble. This type of stone can be found both uniformly and with streaks of various colors. Due to its unique strength and beauty to make their executive designs look more luxurious.


  • In the exterior of the building
  • In the interior decoration of the building
  • Flooring
  • Coffee table
  • For building stairs

Granite stones

Granite stones are an example of very robust and durable stones and have a high polishing quality. Granite stones are red, black, pink, brown, green, and blue. Its grain size is large and visible to the naked eye. This product is more resistant than marble and travertine stones, and this stone’s polished and shiny surface is more preserved. This material is the most common building stone widely used in the construction industry, and it is used for flooring, washbasins, and stairs. Granite is the best choice for stairs of buildings.


  • Variety of designs and colors
  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • Great Price
  • Heat resistance
  • Resistance to water penetration
  • Resistance to scratches and abrasion

Travertine stone

Travertine stone is a type of limestone and is one of the most widely used materials in buildings and houses. This stone is insulated against sound, heat, and cold and has a unique look. Unique features of this stone, such as high strength, color variability, unique look, beauty, and other things, have made it the most common option, especially for the exterior facet of buildings. In addition, Due to the cavities inside its structure, travertine stone is a good insulator in terms of heat and cold.

Quartz stones

Quartz is a chemical compound consisting of silicon and oxygen. Quartz stones are one of the most abundant minerals on the earth’s surface and have unique properties that have made these stones one of the most useful natural materials on the surface.

Applications of these luxury stones are:

  • Glass production
  • As an abrasive
  • Oil Industry
  • Sand casting

Luminerals Company is able to produce all types of luxury stones in various sizes and standards based on customer’s needs. For further information, get in touch with us.

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