Marble stones

marble stones supplier in Dubai

Luminerals is a marble stones supplier in Dubai. Nobody can’t help looking at the beauty of a wall designed with marble stones. Besides, they are so strong that can make a building firm enough to bear even a tornado figuratively. Even with a small number of marbles, the decoration can be performed of high quality.

Marble stones are worthy enough to be cautious in purchasing them. So, the main question for people is finding a supplier which presents the best quality. Luminerals Company as a marble stones supplier in Dubai has paved the way for people around the world to purchase conveniently.

Luminerals Company’s goal has been already achieved by exporting their products to different countries however to keep up the mineral and chemical products marketing they never stop improving. Their goal is to demonstrate the best quality day in and day out.

To be started, talking about marble stones without acknowledging the limestone’s role may be inadequate. These stones are metamorphic limestone with colorful minerals, of which calcite is the main constituent mineral, which crystallizes and becomes larger during the metamorphic process.

When limestone is exposed to a high amount of pressure and heat, it transforms into marble. This type of stone can be found both uniformly and with streaks of various colors. Due to its unique strength and beauty to make their executive designs look more luxurious.

Limestones have various applications. Whether used in the manufacturing of different fields like steel, paper, glass, and plastic or purifying water, Beautiful marble stones with eye-catching colors are shaped naturally and are mostly found where the water is flowing or still on a shallow surface. The various application of marble stones, make them unique and somehow luxurious. There are different examples where marbles have had a crucial role in their structure. People are getting more interested in using these marbles as the natural part of building in most cities is overlooked. Yet, by applying marble stones any building can be looked more natural.


Applications of marble stones

  • In the exterior of the building
  • In the interior decoration of the building
  • Flooring
  • Coffee table
  • For building stairs

marble stones supplier in Dubai

Marble stones prices

The prices of marble stones are estimated based on the precious minerals which are used in them fundamentally. Briefly speaking, Luminerals Company has provided the space for people to find the best prices for mineral and chemical products like types of marbles. So, the marble stones prices are set fairly with the best quality in Luminerals Company.

However, the marble stones are categorized into different types which determine their prices, other factors can affect the final price of different kinds of stones as well. For instance, the tile and its size are one of the reasons which impact the marble stones prices finally. What’s more, the transport of them is charged additionally which is the other factor of setting a price for various types of marbles.

Yet, the types of marble stones in their section can be known as the main factor in determining price. To be the instance, Carrara marble is popular among people. Its application has made it a fair-priced marble for people who get into it for structure and design. Because of the nature types of stones, some people prefer the  marble ‘Statue . Its price gets higher as the material it has is based on natural quality. Therefore, the rarer material, the more expensive marble stones.

marble stones supplier in Dubai


marble stones size

Retrospectively speaking, the sizes of marble stones are fixed somehow stable in different ranges. They’re mostly found in sizes as 30×60 or 60×60 and the bigger ones are 60×120 and 120×120. Surely, other sizes can be found based on the request of a customer but the constant sizes can ensure and preserve the natural quality of stones. The installation criteria make people choose these sizes for their structure and design.

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