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road marking glass beads price

Road marking Glass beads price is depended on some of the most important item is, the types of glass beads. Glass beads are divided into 5 categories that are: BS6088A , BS6088B,AAShto type1 2 3 ,EN1423 and EN1424
An other item that effects on Road marking glass beads price, is types of packaging. glass beads are packed in the forms of FIBC(25kg) or jumbo bag(1250kg).
Road marking Glass beads price also is depended on amount of order. If you order 2 containers and more, there is a possibility of a discount.

We at luminerals try our best to provide you with the best quality road marking glass beads at a fair price. We are a Glass beads manufacturer that can produce various types of glass beads, and the quality of our products is guaranteed. So if you have any kind of question about road marking glass beads and other types of glass beads, just contact us, and we will answer you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we also provide a wide range of different glass products other than glass beads like glass powders, glass flake and glass frit.
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road marking glass beads price dubai uae

Road marking glass beads are an important part of road safety since they offer clear delineation and warn of potential risks. They are a necessary component for road users. road marking glass beads create highly reflective, long-lasting stripes on roads. luminerals glass beads provide great quality and durability and good reflecting capabilities at night and even in damp situations.Luminerals road marking glass beads,are weather resistant.

Due to its highly reliable performance Luminerals is one of the best supplier of road marking glass beads in dubai UAE with the best road marking glass beads price Dubai UAE

Importance of Road marking glass beads and other applications of glass beads

Road Marking Glass Beads

Most people cross the road markings day and night and do not really know what a great job these traffic paints and road marking glass beads do. Road marking paint makes the roads look visible and detectable at night.

Glass beads are generally a very small spherical grain of glass in the dimensions of 1 to 710 microns, which is widely used in various industries, especially road and street marking, oil drilling industries, and other various industries. Since these grains are prepared in very small dimensions by a Glass beads factory, it is usually not easy to see the grains with naked eyes.

Road marking glass beads result from hot glass paste passing through very small mesh plates at high speed with air, the size of which depends on the size of the nets that have passed through it during production. Because these grains are made of glass and spherical, they are chemically stable and resistant to water and heat and acids and bases and are applied in various industries.

Application of traffic paint and road marking glass beads

A mixture of resin, pigment, and solvent is called traffic paint. Because the paint alone does not have the power to reflect the light of the vehicles to the eyes of drivers, road marking glass beads are used in the form of coatings on liquid paints and pre-mixed in powder paints. These grains are made of silica and have good hardness. And usually, more than 70% of them should be spherical.

BS6088A, BS6088B, and BS6088C glass beads 

Road Marking Glass Beads

Type A:  These glass beads are mixed with thermoplastic material, and we use them for road marking.

Type B: These glass beads are also used for road marking and crosswalk marking.

Type C: Used in reinforced plastics, and it has general and industrial applications

What specifications should glass beads have?

  • A reputable laboratory must approve its chemical analysis.
  • The percentage of spherical and healthy grains should be specified.
  • The percentage of defective grains should be specified.
  • The specific gravity of the glass bead and even the hardness of the coating and the color should be mentioned.
  • Its degree of resistance to acids and bases.
  • The type of coating on the glass should be specified.


AASHTO Type I and AASHTO type II glass beads

These are used for thermoplastic paint and road marking glass beads.

Types of glass beads

Road Marking Glass Beads

4Glass beads are divided into different types based on their type of application in industries. And based on the type of coating and particle size distribution, they are divided into uncoated and coated. Because of their unique and good properties, they have many applications in the chemical and petroleum industries.

  • Pre-mix
  • Drop-on
  • Glass beads 1 to 125 microns
  • Glass beads 125 to 300 microns

Drop-on glass beads

Drop-on glass beads are for cold colors and are produced from 125 to 710 microns. They are applied after pouring warm or cold traffic paint. In fact, they are sprayed uniformly on the traffic paint with different shades, which also has its own ways and methods. The grain size of the drop-on glass beads must meet the EN 1423 international standard.

Pre-mixed glass beads

Pre-mix glass beads are for warm paint and are usually produced from 125 to 710 microns. They are usually used for warm paint, and we use them for road marking. These beads are durable and visible at night. Pre-mixed glass beads also meet the EN 1424 European standard.

Glass beads production method

It is produced by melting glass in a pressure furnace and passing it through special sieves.

Glass beads quality

The best type of glass beads are in the form of powder and spherical shape and without fracture, or their degree of fracture is very low. There should be no bubbles or a few of them.

Applications of Glass beads

Road Marking Glass Beads


Glass bead blasting is a way of abrasive blasting that creates an appealing satin finish and may be applied for different purposes. It is made of lead-free soda lime-type glass in the shape of spherical balls. The smooth, bright finish produced by glass bead blasting contrasts with the more angular abrasives’ matte appearance.


A mud additive is used in the wellbore to reduce torque (rotary friction) and drag (axial friction) and lubricate bit bearings if they are not sealed. Lubricants can be solids (glass beads, nut hulls, plastic beads, and graphite) or liquids (synthetic fluids, oils, modified vegetable oils, glycols, surfactants, and fatty-acid soaps).

Drilling industry

drilling glass beads operate as miniature bearings to minimize stress and pressure. They do not generate any chemical reaction, extending the life of the drill bit and resulting in less drilling and increased drilling capacity.


Glass filler beads improve the surface quality and abrasion resistance while increasing stiffness and pressure resistance. Because of their isotropy, glass filler beads prevent warping, shrinking, and sink marks in injection molding materials. They are most commonly found in technical components, interior, and exterior automotive parts, and 3D printed materials.


You can use glass beads to fill empty and useless vases in your house, you can also use them for bowls and mason jars as decorations for your birdbaths and aquariums.

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