Glass Frit

Glass Frit Powder

A sintering powder that has been premixed from raw powdered minerals and then melted with a high temperature furnace, cooled by quenching in water, and ground into a fine powder.

Frit is used as one of the main components of ceramic artworks over the years.

Frits are the main component of nearly all ceramic glazes and are present in many compositions of different materials where a glass face is needed.

It not only functions as a glazing component but also acts as a binder in many compositions of glass face potteries.

While creating a perfect glaze, frits are applied with the addition of other components like water, salts, pigments, and other necessary materials to get the perfect effects.

The average powder particle size is around 10μm and the main chemical compositions are SiO2 (60~70%), B2O3 (20~30%), Al2O3 (10~20%).

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